1580 Logan: A DPC Development Property

This property was an interesting mix of concrete paving repairs, epoxy injections and routing /caulking cracks in the floor of the five levels of the parking garage. DCP Development was very accommodating throughout the process and patient with noise and dust.


The concrete was damaged between the columns in the parking spaces and at first it appeared to be only slightly damaged. These areas expanded three times their apparent size and we removed almost an inch of concrete from under the rebar to make sure a solid mechanical bond was created. The rebar was cleaned and treated with a new sealer and the new patch was put in place.


The various cracks were cut open and cleaned and caulked to weatherproof the concrete from future water damage. Epoxy injections in the overhead concrete deck at the lower levels will give more strength to the deck and reduce further damage in the future. The garage was power washed to remove and residual dust. It was a pleasure doing this job; we would like to thank DPC Development for their assistance in making this project run smooth.


 Written by: Chris Swenson