4347 Airport Road

Are you ready for the colder temperatures and winter moisture to settle in? Here at summit you know we are! We love seeing our work put to the test because it keeps us on the leading edge of repairs. The next five months test every building’s water tightness and energy efficiency. With 4347 Airport Road coming to completion it is time for Comcast to move in. All the windows around the building have been replaced or repaired. All joint sealants around the building have been removed and resealed with a paintable sealant. Spalding concrete was repaired at the parapet caps and in the façade panels. Cracks in the precast façade where allowing significant water intrusion to occur around the building. The cracks where located and detailed with an elastomeric coating applied at 16 Mils. After the detail coat was installed the entire building was repainted with the elastomeric coating. The end result is an energy efficient watertight building ready for the next 20 years of rough Colorado winters and beautiful wet springs.

Written by: Jacob Holland