before a project

Magnolia St, South Denver Metro.

before a projectAn epoxy injection repair to a basement space of a private home. There were multiple cracks in the foundation walls ,with only about twenty five feet at a quarter of an inch. The cracks had loose material removed from the sides and injection ports were set in epoxy to the surface of the cracks. Tape was applied to the crack surfaces between the ports and a thin layer of epoxy applied over the tape and around the ports to ensure an airtight seal. The epoxy was mixed and the injection started with the lowest ports working up . The epoxy was given two days to make sure a full cure had been reached. Ports were removed and the tape and epoxy were ground flush with the surface with a four inch grinder with a dustless shroud. Once the wall was cleaned up and all the epoxy filled cracks were visible under the tape that was removed, the wall received two coats of fresh paint and was restored to its former condition. summit sealants restorative work
Written by: Chris Swenson