Gearing up for a busy season at Strata Vail.



Look up in the sky, is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is a crane!
Yes there is a crane back in the beautiful town of Vail. It’s been a few years since we’ve seen a tower crane around, not since Solaris and Ritz Carlton. Vail is getting a new resort now called Strata Vail! On this project Summit Sealants has the privilege of installing the below grade waterproofing, traffic coatings and joint sealants.  You know what that means? We get to see the whole project go up from start to finish. We love it when we get contracts like this one. There is nothing like seeing the development of a commercial project.


Right now we are installing Grace’s Preprufe waterproofing membrane on the below grade parking garage walls. This product is an amazing waterproofing system, it is a blind side membrane that chemically reacts and forms an integral bond with the concrete poured against it. First we mechanically fasten the rigid insulation, drain board and Preprufe to a shot created wall from top to bottom. Then we run a joint tape on all seams to seal it off. Next we install liquid membrane on all penetrations and slide a proper sized patch over the liquid membrane and tape them down on all four sides and around the penetration. There is a few more minor steps to do and then you have complete waterproof system, ready for concrete. Summit Sealants and Restoration Services loves getting their hands dirty on a project like this one. Keep checking back every few months and we will keep you posted on the progress of this project as it keeps making its way out of the ground.


Summit Sealants 2013 Grant Award Winners

First, Summit Sealants Inc. and would like to thank ALL the applicant’s that applied for this year’s grant. All applications were worthy objectives. It was extremely difficult but  we narrowed it down to these 3. We are pleased to announce this year’s recipients!!!!

1.       Matthew Morriss and Andrew Spickert of Walla Walla, WA
4 consecutive weekend excursions to 3 different remote ranges in the Idaho area.

2.        Max Huecksteadt and Brayton Noll of Salem, OR
1st ascent of 2500’ ice runnel in the Remote Northern Cascades

3.       Clint Helander, Ben Trocki, and Graham Zimmerman of Alaska and WA
Multiple objectives in the Revelation Mountains of Alaska

Summit Sealants and Coldfear wish all these teams luck, safety, and success!!!  We will keep everyone updated on the progress of these great adventures.
Once again THANK YOU to all the applicants this year.
We look forward to next year!!

The Simpson residence

The Simpson’s had their beautiful dream home built just a few years ago and it was already falling apart. The Quality Assurance Corporation (QAC) is on board to enforce their 7 steps to a proper assembly program to ensure the remodeling is done right.


On this project we have the privilege of installing two part polyurethane sealants the whole exterior of this house. We are cleaning every smooth substrate with isoproylated alcohol, removing all dust and debris. We’re installing bond breaker tape in all joint that are too shallow for backer rod and setting the rod at its proper depth of 3/8 to 1/2 inch. Some might find the third party inspectors a little nerve wrecking when trying to work, but we don’t mind, because doing the job right is top priority for us; it is what makes us quality tradesmen.


Written by: Christopher Hill


Summer Hill 2


Summer Hill II, in south east Denver,  a cosmetic uplift, was in order with a surface concrete rehabilitation. The concrete paving in the parking and drive lanes had surface delamination and heavy pitting. The damage to the areas to be repaired were quite extensive. Preparation of the surface included removal of any surface in poor condition by grinding, chipping and wire brushing. The cracks were routed open and filled with epoxy or caulking to stabilized the concrete or prevent continued damage by water and vehicles. The areas to be coated then received a coating of epoxy which were leveled out across the surface and back-rolled to increase the bonding performance of the product. Next a medium sized white aggregate was broadcast evenly over the surface of the liquid epoxy coating to refusal, completely covering the epoxy coating. All the excess aggregate was removed and  a brand new paving surface was now available for the homeowners to use:  (after)

Summit Sealants & Restoration Services Fleet

In the midst of the United States worst recession since World War II, Summit Sealants has been fortunate to prosper. A BIG Thank You goes to our Customers for making that possible! Thank you to the Vendors and Suppliers; and to the Staff of Summit Sealants & Restoration Services!

Ten years ago Steve did the work and Laurie took care of the business, (which was run out of their home). Since then, the number of staff members has grown from two to twenty-plus. While the main office remains in Montrose, (no longer in the Berwanger’s home), there is an office in Denver, and one being established in Gypsum. Most recently, two Company vehicles were added to the ever growing fleet. Today Summit Sealants and Restoration Services provides service to the entire state of Colorado, the rocky mountain five state region and beyond. Thanks again, to our loyal clients and everyone involved in helping us grow. With gratitude, the Summit Sealants family!


Written by: Jennifer Hamilton