Mulkey Residence

  Summit Sealants is always looking for opportunities to build “Green” and to increase  the energy efficiency of a building. The Fluid-Applied Vapor Barriers are a MUST in LEED certified building and Summit Sealants has completed many commercial applications with these products. The only problem is, being a new building, we never truly see how much savings there is. Summit Sealants was lucky enough to find an opportunity on a residential house in Cody, WY. We applied an Air Barrier to the existing wood siding substrate and it will now be covered with corrugated metal siding as designed by Architect, Joel Anderson. With the Mulkey residence being exposed to some of the most brutal winter conditions in the US we are excited to see what these products are capable of. Stay tuned as we will be reporting back this winter on what we anticipate will be a HUGE energy savings!!