Completed Restorations

4347 Airport Road

Are you ready for the colder temperatures and winter moisture to settle in? Here at summit you know we are! We love seeing our work put to the test because it keeps us on the leading edge of repairs. The next five months test every building’s water tightness and energy efficiency. With 4347 Airport Road […]

Black Bear and Jackpine Lodges

The Black Bear and Jackpine Lodges are two frequently visited spots in Keystone, Colorado. With the 2012 ski season approaching, it’s time for some restorations.   Summit was recommended to do this job and we are excited to restore the waterproof coatings and install snowmelt systems on the balcony decks! We are installing snowmelt systems […]

Summer Hill 2

 (before) Summer Hill II, in south east Denver,  a cosmetic uplift, was in order with a surface concrete rehabilitation. The concrete paving in the parking and drive lanes had surface delamination and heavy pitting. The damage to the areas to be repaired were quite extensive. Preparation of the surface included removal of any surface in […]

AMLI at Park Ave Parking Garage

AMLI Residential has yet again retained Summit Sealants for another successful restoration project. After the extensive repairs to the pool at the AMLI at Inverness project was complete they were not ready to let us go. They requested the crew be transferred over to their AMLI at Park Ave property for parking garage repairs. The […]