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Here at Summit Sealants, we have developed a number of specialized skill sets to meet the needs of our customers.  They generally fit into the five categories listed below.


Stopping water infiltration into commercial buildings and substrates while understanding a buildings necessity to thermally and seismically move.
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Concrete Repair

Having performed repairs to many different types of structures in many different environments Summit
Sealants has the right technique and skill set to get the job done when it comes to concrete.
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Summit Sealants has been specializing in waterproofing and water mitigation on commercial structures for over 15 years. With experience in many different applications and many different environments, Summit sealants understands the needs of the structure.
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Historic Restoration

Summit Sealants has had the honor to work on many iconic structures over the years. Some of these structures consist of cathedrals, mausoleums, historic city blocks, and train depots.
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Access Solutions

With the variety of scopes that Summit Sealants performs, in-house access is always important. Summit Sealants puts an emphasis on the safety of our team while ensuring the customer we are always able to take care of their repair needs. Our solutions have included swing stages, rope access and drones (UAVs).
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