Access Solutions

Getting the Drop on Access

With the variety of scopes that Summit Sealants performs, in-house access is always important. Summit Sealants put an emphasis on ensuring the safety of our team while ensuring the customer we are always able to take care of their repair needs. In doing so, we have developed a variety of access solutions. Being capable of reaching any area in a safe manor has given us the reputation of a one-stop-shop.

confined entry at denver VA hospital

Confined Space

Confined spaces require training and the proper equipment. Summit Sealants has the training and the equipment to access any confined space.

two men on a swing stage in denver

Swing Stage

Swing stage access is a daily operation by Summit Sealants. Having a large team of trained swing stage riggers allows us to offer the most competitive approach to your facade repairs.

Tower of Memories covered in scaffolding


Scaffolding solutions is the best option sometimes. Summit Sealants works closely with many of the top scaffolding companies to offer the best options when it comes to your scaffolding needs.

Rope Access / Chair Drops

For projects that need quick and affordable access, utilizing skilled rope technicians often makes the most sense. Summit Sealants has some professional climbers and SPRAT Level 3 rope access supervisors as part of our elite crew.

inspire drone flying

Drone / UAV

Summit Sealants has a commercially licensed drone pilot on staff for times when either we need a set of eyes in the sky, or on special projects we have utilized drones to rig ropes in otherwise dangerous to access locations.

Projects Highlighting Some Of Our Access Solutions