Concrete Repair

At Summit, we specialize in structural concrete repairs. These repairs consist of twin tees, columns, IT beams, cast in place slabs, Spandrel panels, PT slabs, dams, bridge decks, and many other supporting structures. We are experienced with many different types of repair mortars. Using only the best industry tested products with trained professionals, we can offer the best possible repairs for your structural needs.

    1. Summit Sealants specializes in access allowing us to offer exterior vertical concrete repairs to Spandrel panels, precast facade systems, tilt-up concrete construction, and dams.
    2. With an extensive background in waterproofing, Summit Sealants will perform your structural concrete repairs and ensure your new and existing concrete have a longer life cycle with one of the many protective coatings we offer.
    3. With the ability to perform epoxy injections, Summit Sealants can repair cracks in all forms of concrete structures. Summit Sealants can also bond concrete slabs with the use of the specialty pumps and different epoxies.
    4. Summit Sealants uses chemical grout injection to prevent moisture infiltration through the structural wall in below grade structures.
    5. Summit Sealants performs carbon fiber reinforcements on existing structures when load capabilities need to be increased or when loss has occurred. Carbon fiber repairs have been completed on foundations walls, columns, tee stems and many other structural components.
    6. Twin tee flange to flange connection repairs are a regular repair performed by Summit Sealants. Summit is versed in the LTD’s (load transfer devises) made from steel and carbon fiber biscuits.
    7. Supplemental steel installation is also a common repair performed by summit Sealants. Sometimes the most cost-effective approach to your structural needs.

The list below is just a few of the repairs that Summit Sealants offers in-house:

  • Post Tension Repair
  • Inverted Tee Beam Repair
  • Topping slab Repair
  • Vertical Concrete Repair
  • Overhead Concrete Repair
  • Epoxy Injection
  • Chemical Grout Injection
  • Carbon Fiber Repair
  • Weld Connection Repair
  • Supplemental Steel Reinforcement

Projects have consisted of:

  • Stadiums
  • Schools
  • Water facilities
  • Parking garages
  • Dams
  • Bridges
  • High Rise foundations
  • Balcony Decks
  • And many others

Highlighted Concrete Repair Projects