Summer Hill 2


Summer Hill II, in south east Denver,  a cosmetic uplift, was in order with a surface concrete rehabilitation. The concrete paving in the parking and drive lanes had surface delamination and heavy pitting. The damage to the areas to be repaired were quite extensive. Preparation of the surface included removal of any surface in poor condition by grinding, chipping and wire brushing. The cracks were routed open and filled with epoxy or caulking to stabilized the concrete or prevent continued damage by water and vehicles. The areas to be coated then received a coating of epoxy which were leveled out across the surface and back-rolled to increase the bonding performance of the product. Next a medium sized white aggregate was broadcast evenly over the surface of the liquid epoxy coating to refusal, completely covering the epoxy coating. All the excess aggregate was removed and  a brand new paving surface was now available for the homeowners to use:  (after)