Black Bear and Jackpine Lodges

The Black Bear and Jackpine Lodges are two frequently visited spots in Keystone, Colorado. With the 2012 ski season approaching, it’s time for some restorations.


Summit was recommended to do this job and we are excited to restore the waterproof coatings and install snowmelt systems on the balcony decks! We are installing snowmelt systems on a handful of balconies and recoating with one of the best 2-part polyurethane systems on the market, Conapour Deck Coating.  Get your ski poles ready!


Written by: Christopher Hill


Summer Hill 2


Summer Hill II, in south east Denver,  a cosmetic uplift, was in order with a surface concrete rehabilitation. The concrete paving in the parking and drive lanes had surface delamination and heavy pitting. The damage to the areas to be repaired were quite extensive. Preparation of the surface included removal of any surface in poor condition by grinding, chipping and wire brushing. The cracks were routed open and filled with epoxy or caulking to stabilized the concrete or prevent continued damage by water and vehicles. The areas to be coated then received a coating of epoxy which were leveled out across the surface and back-rolled to increase the bonding performance of the product. Next a medium sized white aggregate was broadcast evenly over the surface of the liquid epoxy coating to refusal, completely covering the epoxy coating. All the excess aggregate was removed and  a brand new paving surface was now available for the homeowners to use:  (after)

1580 Logan: A DPC Development Property

This property was an interesting mix of concrete paving repairs, epoxy injections and routing /caulking cracks in the floor of the five levels of the parking garage. DCP Development was very accommodating throughout the process and patient with noise and dust.


The concrete was damaged between the columns in the parking spaces and at first it appeared to be only slightly damaged. These areas expanded three times their apparent size and we removed almost an inch of concrete from under the rebar to make sure a solid mechanical bond was created. The rebar was cleaned and treated with a new sealer and the new patch was put in place.


The various cracks were cut open and cleaned and caulked to weatherproof the concrete from future water damage. Epoxy injections in the overhead concrete deck at the lower levels will give more strength to the deck and reduce further damage in the future. The garage was power washed to remove and residual dust. It was a pleasure doing this job; we would like to thank DPC Development for their assistance in making this project run smooth.


 Written by: Chris Swenson

AMLI at Park Ave Parking Garage

AMLI Residential has yet again retained Summit Sealants for another successful restoration project. After the extensive repairs to the pool at the AMLI at Inverness project was complete they were not ready to let us go. They requested the crew be transferred over to their AMLI at Park Ave property for parking garage repairs. The top surface of the parking garage was starting to experience scaling of the top surface and cracking in the heavily reinforced drive lanes of the parking garage. The top deck of the garage was closed, cracks were injected with epoxy and a new wear surface was installed. AMLI loved the new surface and the repairs so much that we will be moving on to yet another AMLI property. Summit Sealants would like to thank AMLI for their continued support; we look forward to working with them throughout the years.

Written by: Jacob Holland

Denver Jet Center

The Denver Jet Center, (one of the largest private airports in the US), apron repairs are complete. After coordinating repairs with air traffic control, using extremely sensitive time restrictive epoxy modified repairs mortars for immediate repair area turn around we are no longer dodging airplanes. We would like to thank the Denver Jet center for their continued support of Summit Sealants and look forward to working with them again next year.

Written by: Jacob Holland

Tresana II HOA

With the rough winters and short life cycles of concrete in the state of Colorado swimming pools have become a specialty of Summit Sealants. We just opened yet another repaired pool just in time for the big Memorial Day weekend. Tresana II HOA contacted us one month ago when they realized they were not going to be able to have an operating pool this year if they did not get repairs to the shell of the pool completed. The pool was losing a lot of water through the shell due to the cracks in the surface and large pieces of concrete had delaminated due to freeze thaw. After repairing the concrete we installed the Aquafin 2km coating the interior surface of the pool. The pool is full and heating up for this hot pool side weekend!

Written by: Jacob Holland

Coors Field

Batter up!!! Coors Field is in full swing and Summit Sealants got out just in time for opening day after repairing the cast-in-place metal pan stairs at the rock pile. Concrete repairs, Steel replacement, and a new traffic coating ready to handle all the pedestrian traffic that beautiful stadium has to offer. Let’s see if Summit Sealants can do the same at Mile High Stadium!

Written by: Jacob Holland

ALMI pool


AMLI pool was a complex mix of soil stabilization, soil consolidations, structural concrete repairs, plumbing repairs, electrical repairs, and cutting edge coating installations all involving temperature sensitive materials through the roughest temperatures of the year. Custom tenting and heating were required to create a stable environment yet limiting the work space just added to the difficulties of this already complex repair. Meeting the owner budget and schedule where of the upmost importance for the grand re-opening of this amazing pool.

Written by: Jacob Holland