before a project

Magnolia St, South Denver Metro.

before a projectAn epoxy injection repair to a basement space of a private home. There were multiple cracks in the foundation walls ,with only about twenty five feet at a quarter of an inch. The cracks had loose material removed from the sides and injection ports were set in epoxy to the surface of the cracks. Tape was applied to the crack surfaces between the ports and a thin layer of epoxy applied over the tape and around the ports to ensure an airtight seal. The epoxy was mixed and the injection started with the lowest ports working up . The epoxy was given two days to make sure a full cure had been reached. Ports were removed and the tape and epoxy were ground flush with the surface with a four inch grinder with a dustless shroud. Once the wall was cleaned up and all the epoxy filled cracks were visible under the tape that was removed, the wall received two coats of fresh paint and was restored to its former condition. summit sealants restorative work
Written by: Chris Swenson

City Of Thornton Recreation Center

Before:Repairing structures is not all we concentrate on; protection and preservation for the future are key as well. Saving money on your structures future cost is our main goal. The Thornton Recreation Center was starting to experience sever deterioration to the block walls and concrete floors of the chemical pump rooms for the pool. In an effort to prevent larger future cost, Thornton Recreation center contacted Wiss, Jenny, Elstner & Associated to help. With a one week shut down window and proper planning, Summit Sealants & Restoration Services was able remove the existing coating, remove cracked and deteriorated blocks that were beyond repair, install new blocks, repair mortar, and a three coat system of Chemical resistant epoxy that should produce a 20 life cycle to the new surface.

Thornton Recreation  Center is happy to know that they have avoided higher repair cost in the future and provided a substantial life cycle to a failing system. Prevention, protection, innovations are just a few words to describe what drives the Summit Sealants Team.

Written by: Jacob Holland


University of Colorado Steam Pipe Vault

This job called for chemical grout injection. Although small in physical size at twelve foot wide and ten feet deep it was a concrete vault in the in the ground in the middle of the campus. We started with drilling injection ports six inch’s on center covering about forty linier feet of vertical crack and installing seventy two ports. The ports and cracks were then injected with water to encourage the maximum travel of the chemical grout and then chemical grout was applied to the ports. Part two was to soak foam rod with chemical grout and stuff it into the two horizontal expansion joints creating the the cover to the vault.with this application completed water was then injected behind the foam rod and on the surface to activate the chemical grout inside the expansion joints creating a new watertight seal in the cracks and expansion joints. There are hard job and complicated jobs but this particular job was extreme in nature. The boilers had been turned off before we could begin, but even with a forced air fan the walls measured a temperature of 120 degrees and the large steam pipes measured 165 degrees. Work was completed in ten minute shifts, with the second man at street level acting as a safety observer and and helper to the man down in the vault. The chemical grout injection was a great success and with the heat results were almost instantaneous. Normally we would have protected the walls from chemical grout spills but the heat was to much for any tape we tried and we had to scrape all the extra material off the walls and the injection ports were removed and grouted back in with concrete mortar.
Written by: Chris Swenson

508 E Cooper

Downtown Aspen hasn’t seemed to change for years. Or has it? With unique projects such as 508 E Cooper you would never know the entire building has been demolished and rebuilt. PCL, one of the largest international contractors, has literally taken this building down brick by brick. The rebuild includes a completely modern design with an “old building” look. But unlike the previous structure, this building will be able to “Live and Breathe” for decades to come. With less than 2” to the adjacent building, a color matched compression seal will be installed by Summit Sealants to accept movement and seal out the harsh high altitude conditions. We will also be sealing every dissimilar material on the exterior all the way down to smallest detail to ensure proper movement with minimal grout cracking is achieved for years to come.

With an architectural “100 year old”  look, it’s very exciting to provide such a modern, LEED certified building that will be efficient for another 100 years to come!!!

Our Lady Of The Peace

  Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church is a job in the town of Silverthorne. The church doors are scheduled to open in September, 2012. While our deadline quickly approaches with only a few weeks left, we are right on schedule! We are using two part polyurethane to seal the complete exterior, which includes hardi board, stonework, windows and paving. Once this building is finished, it will be a centerpiece for the Catholic Church and the Summit county area.



Written by: Christopher Hill


How the west was……..Growing!!

  Wyoming, the wild west, has been investing in the future by building new technology centers that will provide education. While Summit Sealants and Restoration Services’ is completing a new Economic Development Center in Casper, we also received the contract for a new Health and Science Center at Central Wyoming College in Riverton.  Summit Sealants has been working in the Wyoming area for a few years now! In 2010 we worked on the Wyoming Correctional Facility, a massive 500,000 sq. ft prison, completed in Torrington. In 2011 we worked on American Tire Distributors in Casper, a 120,000 sq. ft building, completed in 2011. These projects have given Summit Sealants the opportunity to be part of creating hundreds of jobs and advancing Wyoming’s economic prosperity.


Mulkey Residence

  Summit Sealants is always looking for opportunities to build “Green” and to increase  the energy efficiency of a building. The Fluid-Applied Vapor Barriers are a MUST in LEED certified building and Summit Sealants has completed many commercial applications with these products. The only problem is, being a new building, we never truly see how much savings there is. Summit Sealants was lucky enough to find an opportunity on a residential house in Cody, WY. We applied an Air Barrier to the existing wood siding substrate and it will now be covered with corrugated metal siding as designed by Architect, Joel Anderson. With the Mulkey residence being exposed to some of the most brutal winter conditions in the US we are excited to see what these products are capable of. Stay tuned as we will be reporting back this winter on what we anticipate will be a HUGE energy savings!!                                   


Russell Stover Candies

A local project we picked up this past week is the new Russell Stover’s outlet store here in beautiful Montrose, CO.  Russell Stover’s  is a big employer in Montrose and we are excited to be on a project that supports our City.

Summit Sealants & Restoration Services was awarded the job to waterproof and insulate the foundation walls. We’re the sealant contractor to do all the finishing touches to the project as well. We are excited to be part of this local expansion.

Next time you need a chocolate fix, look for some fine Russell Stover candy and know that you are supporting a good community and the people that work in Montrose, CO!

Written by: Laurie Berwanger


Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park has some of the most intricate, ancient cliff dwellings in the world; and they are about to be one of the most modern and advanced National Parks in the Union! The state of the art research center and interactive visitors center will keep them ahead of the curve on information and scientific discoveries .

Summit Sealant’s is in the process of an elaborate sealant scope on this project. From the extensive walkways and site work to the detailed architectural concrete floors, Summit Sealants will ensure this facility can move and “live” as designed.

Have fun on your next visit to Mesa Verde and remember what they have invested in you and your children’s entertainment and knowledge for the future!!

Written by: Stephen Berwanger


It’s mud season in the high country!

Ski slopes are closed and the summer crowds are still a ways off. What does this mean? Maintenance madness at the resorts!! Current project include two beautiful Hyatt facilities. The Park Hyatt in Avon, CO (photo), where we are near completion of an extensive cut out and reseal of the exterior facade, which has been phased over the past two seasons.

In Aspen, CO we have been spoiled by a balcony repair/re-coating project at the Hyatt Grand. It is a luxurious ski in / ski out resort in downtown Aspen.

~Enjoy the mud and the “quiet” time in the mountains~

Written by: Stephen Berwanger