City Of Thornton Recreation Center

Before:Repairing structures is not all we concentrate on; protection and preservation for the future are key as well. Saving money on your structures future cost is our main goal. The Thornton Recreation Center was starting to experience sever deterioration to the block walls and concrete floors of the chemical pump rooms for the pool. In an effort to prevent larger future cost, Thornton Recreation center contacted Wiss, Jenny, Elstner & Associated to help. With a one week shut down window and proper planning, Summit Sealants & Restoration Services was able remove the existing coating, remove cracked and deteriorated blocks that were beyond repair, install new blocks, repair mortar, and a three coat system of Chemical resistant epoxy that should produce a 20 life cycle to the new surface.

Thornton Recreation  Center is happy to know that they have avoided higher repair cost in the future and provided a substantial life cycle to a failing system. Prevention, protection, innovations are just a few words to describe what drives the Summit Sealants Team.

Written by: Jacob Holland