SUMMIT is excited to announce the commencement of our Employees of the Quarter program! We take immense pride in our teams and look forward to giving them the recognition they deserve.

Each of the following team members consistently goes above and beyond, and we are delighted to acknowledge and celebrate their exceptional efforts. Well done!

Jose Munoz

Restoration Team

Jose consistently arrives early on jobsites and adeptly manages all the projects he is assigned, demonstrating remarkable self-sufficiency.

Steve Jaco

Historic Restoration Team

Steve’s workmanship is second to none. In all his years at SUMMIT, there hasn’t been a single problem reported regarding his installation work.

Mauro Montoya

Structural Repair Team

Mauro is consistently punctual, rarely calls in, works diligently throughout the day without supervision, and is an exceptionally reliable and dependable employee.

Juan Rodriguez

Montrose Team

Juan consistently assumes responsibility in safety matters, engages with superintendents, efficiently schedules his crew, and effectively manages punch lists and paperwork.

Nate Thalley

New Construction Team

Nate has elevated his leadership on construction sites, consistently meeting crucial deadlines and maintaining a great attitude and willingness to learn.

Homero Nava

Restoration Team

Homero exceeds his duties by taking on leadership roles and maintains effective communication with clients. His performance in terms of safety, quality, and production has been exceptional.

Travis Threlkel

Maintenance Team

Either punctual or early, Travis works diligently throughout the day, actively seeking opportunities to learn new skills. He is willing to assist in various capacities, demonstrating high levels of consistency and reliability.

Alex Arias

Seattle Team

Alex has been a committed team member at the Seattle branch for years. He’s got great communication skills, actively pursues self-improvement, and demonstrates a readiness to be flexible and support the team.

Leomar Escamilla

Insulation Team

Leomar is a dedicated and motivated individual. Serving as a leader in this company, he consistently motivates his co-workers to excel and maintains a positive attitude without complaints.